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Bare Knuckle Choppers is proud to announce our J&P Ultimate Builder Giveaway Bike!

In February Paul took his Jane Doe Knucklehead to Chicago for the J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder Championship, and came home with top honors. As a result of that win, Paul and Bare Knuckle Choppers have been asked to build a giveaway bike to show more of Paul’s talents, as well as the vast parts offering that J&P Cycles brings to the riding/wrenching/building public.

The bike is starting as a project long forgotten. An S&S X-Wedge engine, S&S Transmission, Rivera belt drive, and a Rolling Thunder FXR style chassis are the main components. Check out the pics to see what Paul and the crew are working with, and see how far they tore the existing project down to get the proper starting point.

Torn down to the bare essentials!

Torn down to the bare essentials!


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